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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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oakland weighing in on its controversial gang injunctions. we'll have the results of that vote. and the am-gen tour of california rolling through the east bay. mike will tell us all about traffic and any issues there. we have a live look outside at the bay bridge. it's wednesday, may 18th. this is "today in the east bay." and good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30 wednesday morning. let's check your east bay forecast and christina loren.
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good morning, christina. >> good morning to you, scott mcgrew. good morning to you in the east bay. we've got some showers pushing through right now, mostly to the north of livermore. we had a pretty good round just come through the south bay as well. watch out for slick conditions. i'll let you know when we're going to see the sunshine, hint hint, today. let's get you to work right now, 4:31. >> wet roads so a word of caution to all the drivers out there but we've had a good day, day and a half of rain through the area so it's washed all the grease off the roadway. we do have the wind advisory marked on the bay bridge extended the last couple of days here. we had it through yesterday morning's commute as well. the wind advisories for these two bridges from the chp. a live look at the san mateo bridge. i'm going to give an advisory. you can see the camera shaking. you'll get gusts here as well as that dumbarton bridge. >> thank you much. closing arguments expected this morning in the chauncey bailey case.
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tuesday one of the defendants took the witness stand in his own defense. we did not expect him to do that. he told jurors he was not involved in the fatal shootings of bailey and two other men back in 2007. lawyers for mthe defendants had previous lly said their clients wouldn't take the stand. oakland city council narr narrowly voted in favor of continuing controversial gang injunctions. they forbid 15 from north oakland and 40 from the fruit veil neighborhood from associating with one another during certain hours of the day. there are two controversies. first, how much it costs to enforce both in money and community good will. then there's the legal question if these bans are even constitutional. the city council dealt with the first question and decided they are worth the cost. a judge still deciding the legalities. there have been 36 homicides in the city this year, half of them are gang-related. this morning five people under arrest in connection with
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an antioch home burglary. officers got a call about suspicious activity on arbol court yesterday. several people were fleeing in a car. that car was later found. officers discovered there was a home burglary nearby as well. the car had some of the items inside of it. they arrested five people from richmond hiding in or trying to leave that neighborhood. later this morning, doctors in san francisco will give us a better idea about how bryan stow is doing. he's at san francisco general hospital still in a coma, according to the latest updates. he came home from southern california earlier this week. police still looking for the men who attacked stow at a dodgers game in march. there's a $200,000 reward leading to an arrest in the case. now, officers say they are getting a lot of tips, but real leads are few and far between.
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>> we had a person saying that they were definitely at the dodger game. they looked like the composite, even to the point where there was a mole on the person's face. we immediately launched out there. we ended up talking with that individual, confronted him and he was at a dodger game, but it was a little league dodger game. >> an lapd press conference yesterday, officers now looking for a third suspect in the case, a woman in her 20s who witnesses say drove the car that took the suspects away on the night of the attack. there you see bryan stow coming back to san francisco. electric car owners will have more places to charge up their cars in the east bay starting today. eight vehicle charging stations will be unveiled at oakland international airport at 10:00 this morning. they're in the airport's premiere parking lot. oakland international says it's the first california airport to install next generation electric vehicle chargers. drivers will bow sharing the
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road with a lot of bicyclists today. the amgen tour comes to the east bay. the race starts in livermore at 11:45, end in san jose. stage four considered short at just 81 miles. the overall race covers 800 miles of california roadways and highways, and it ends on sunday. let's check back in with christina and a wednesday morning forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. take a look at these totals. 48-hour rainfall totals very significant system poured rain over the north bay. the east bay, you guys didn't pick up all that much rain. a little over half of an inch in danville. overall we're expecting a little more precipitation as we head through your morning hours and then we'll see sunshine come back out over the bay. and i do think that some cities in the east bay will be able to climb towards 70 degrees today, mid to upper 70s tomorrow and then as we head toward your weekend, it's going to stay nice and dry and comfortable. we have your extended forecast coming up in just minutes. let's take a look at where the
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showers are now. right now they are concentrated mostly in the east bay. as you can see, livermore getting quite a bit of rain along 580. mike inouye is here, are there any problems on 580 because of the showers coming down? >> not so far. and no spinouts over the last few hours so that's great news. some gusts of wind coming out of the altamont pass. also livermore, scott talked about the amgen tour and that's where you'll see bikers taking the city streets down through mines road. right under where it says livermore. that's the residential area ending up on mt. hamilton road or state route 130 so that shouldn't be a major issue for the commute but we'll warn you about it and talk about it through the morning. highway 4 at old river bridge there's construction until 5:00 this morning. and we haven't seen any major backups because it's very light traffic. the commute coming out of there doesn't start until about 5:00 so good timing. highway 4 eastbound has not had the overnight closure from
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lovers to summersville likely pau because of the weather so there will be a nice, smooth flow right now but the extension of that project going on through mid-june so keep in mind that will happen overnight during the weeks through mid-june. 880 past the coliseum, the camera shaking a tad bit because of the gusts of wind catching this camera. but right now the roadways are a little wet as well. you can see the glow of the lights on the water kicking up onto the windshield as well. 4:37 right now. coming up, a warning for android phone user. they can be hacked. we'll tell you how to protect yourself. and the secret to saving money with internet coupons. experts say they can cut their shopping bills in half but you've got to know where to look and we'll tell you where to. one reason to brew your cup of joe this morning, an added health benefit. this is the bay bridge, we'll be back in just a minute.
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4:40 right now as we take a look at 880. mike was talking about all of the rain on the roads, slow down out there, be careful. google offering a fix that protects android phones from hackers, but only 0.03 of 1% of
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users have that fix. the way that the phone identifies itself to public free access wi-fi spots. once that phone trusts the hot spot, bad guys can pretend to be that hot spot days later and your phone will trust it. experts suggest you only use wi-fi spots that you know and trust. how do you know which coupon sites are worth your time and which ones really deliver on deals? vicky nguyen cuts through the spam so you don't have to. >> reporter: coupon clipping make way for groupon clicking. google almost bought the giant deal site for $6 billion, so it's safe to say groupon is kind of a big deal itself. >> you name it, i've probably got a coupon for it. >> reporter: the premise is
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simple. just sign up and daily deals are dropped in your inbox. you get half off retail prices. one caveat, the deal is only good if enough people sign up to buy it. >> a haircut, oil change, tennis lessons. >> reporter: website puts a different spin on things. they offer discounts up to 90% off local hot spots. bars, spas, restaurants, even getaways. but there's a twist. after you buy the deal, you get a unique link to share with your nearest and dearest. if three people buy the deal using your link, then your deal is free. the more, the merrier and no one says you can't split the savings so all four of you get the deal a little cheaper. moving away from bargain products, bloomspot bills itself as an online magazine for local experiences with an emphasis on
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indulgence. >> salons, restaurants and hotels are the big three categories. >> it has introductory rates at posh places. all so you can live life better for 25 to 50% off. >> it's not about doing things that you have to do, it's about doing things that are indulgences. >> reporter: also in the luxury class of savings sites, giltcity where the focus is on access in addition to value. >> we're creating things that are really special and unique. >> reporter: past offers include a walk-on role for the show "entourage." fourth of july dinner and drinks on an aircraft carrier for $300. and coming up, a garden lunch at french laundry. >> you'll be able to sit in the garden and eat from the garden and that isn't something that you would find anywhere else. >> reporter: and like all the sites we've shown you, it's free to become a member.
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you just need an e-mail address and the offers come to you based on where you live. >> it's really things that everybody would use in every day life. >> reporter: so whether you want every day discounts and products or you like recruiting friends to share in the savings or you just want to indulge in something special, you can sign up for the offers that appeal to you. if they don't, rest assured, the next deal is just a click away. vicky nguyen, "today in the east bay." all right, it is 4:44, let's talk to christina. good morning. >> good morning. are you a groupon fan, scott mcgrew? >> i have never in my entire life clicked on one, which is going to be an issue for groupon. >> yeah, everybody in the technology world needs scott mcgrew backing them. >> it turns out a very small percentage of groupon subscribers actually do anything with the coupons. >> fascinating. i personally get all my techno tips from mr. scott mcgrew.
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we're looking pretty good in the east bay. we do have a little rain coming down right now. these are your totals from yesterday. these are the cities that picked up the most rain. san francisco picked up over a quarter of an inch over the past 48 hours, napa over half of an inch and danville is the big winner for the east bay, almost 0.6 of an inch out there. so definitely we need the moisture. it will replenish our water for the summertime months and they are right around the corner. here's what's happening on your radar. nothing heavy, you see just green and a little deeper green but no yellow, no moderate rain coming down. watch out for slick conditions on your way to work this morning. the fantastic news i can bring to you, we are not going to see the rain for the second half of the day. we're going to clear out nicely. temperatures will come up. let's take a look where we're headed towards the weekend when our temperatures really start to climb. 75 degrees, a beautiful day. tomorrow will be the best day of the week. friday a few more clouds come in. that will hamper our
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temperatures for coming up above 75 degrees but keep them nice and level. 70 by saturday. another its system will try to dig in here for the weekend. i think it's just going to drive in 8 bit more cloud cover. 68 degrees sunday and 75 monday. for the showers, the further south you live in the east bay, it's going to be the longest for you to see the clearing. i think by about 11:00 a.m. we'll see mostly clear conditions over the entire bay area so you don't have to stay inside today on your computer searching groupon. back to you, scott. it's the best time in years to sell your car. used car prices at a 16-year high and what dealers are paying for your trade is up 30% since 2008. for other news before the bell, it's nicole lapin at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, scott. you're right. hybrids and fuel-efficient cars and trucks continue to fly out of dealer showrooms. says the nissan leaf is in most short supply only lasting five days on the lot, that's compared to the lexus
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ct-200h which also went on sale as the japanese earthquake hit causing huge production headaches for them, but they're still flying out of lots. other hot cars we're hearing this morning, the 2011 hyundai elantra, bmw's x-3. also out of cnbc, flooding on the mississippi river could lead to higher grocery bills for all of us. wholesale prices on corn, on wheat and soybeans all jumping as shipping traffic along the river has been severely limited, as you know. that's because the water simply too high. the coast guard shut down a 15-mile stretch north of new orleans yesterday. it's now reopened but only one barge at a time. the mississippi handles more than half of the country's annual grain exports. bernie madoff actually has a case for you. the ponzi schemer's wine collection goes on the auction block online today. the liquid assets, yes, the pun is absolutely indeed intended were seized from his former
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mansion in palm beach, florida, before it was sold. i've got to tell you a little secret. the auctioneers admit the collection is more valuable only because of the association with madoff, not really the content of those bottles. >> understood. you know going back to the grain thing for just a second, a little trivia about me is i used to help trade wheat and oak futures on the chicago board of trade. >> reporter: you did not! >> i did. i was a young man. but there you go. >> reporter: you still are a young man. i was also on the chicago mercantile exchange. >> very good. >> reporter: hanging out with those commodity boys. >> nicole lapin with cnbc, good morning. we're starting to see a trend at the coliseum, turning to sports. the a's have success wearing yellow and they're pretty good in the rain. only rain delay at park was at home plate as the a's rein in 15 hits for 14 total runs against the angels. mark ellis with the third -- in the third, rather, two-run
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single makes it 5-0. then bottom of the sixth, a six-run hit inning. josh willingham, another two-run single. oakland bombs the angels 14-0. today a key game in vancouver for the sharks as well looking to even their series with the cannucks. another tune-up between game two. these are evenly matched teams so the margin of error is slim, but still as good as one player can be, you've got to love the record in the playoffs, never lost a series and the sharks have shown a lot of resolve, bringing the counterpunch when they need to. they're focused on the task at hand. >> it's a big game, it's a huge game for us. i think we don't want to go back down 0-2. going in with the lead, i think we let that one slip. we've really got to play a lot better tomorrow night and get that win for us. >> sharks players say the
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canucks will be all they can handle in game two. it was the end of an era. oprah winfrey has become a cultural icon and a billionaire. he's holding a farewell party. 25 years of talk shows coming to an end. reporter alex perez with our nbc station in chicago was there and has a look at the glitz and the glamour and the looming end that for many is bittersweet. >> please welcome, oprah! >> reporter: the taping of the show begins with a bang. crowd on their feet and tom hanks ushering oprah along the way for the show that's been billed as a complete surprise to her. >> oprah winfrey, today you are surrounded by nothing but love. >> we love you! >> we love you, oprah! >> reporter: outside the united center the line started early. butler, who's battling multiple sclerosis, it's a dream come true. >> god has given me the will and the courage to come out and be a
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part of this. >> it's exciting to be here for a moment of television history. >> reporter: for most out here, it's about honoring a woman they feel changed their lives. >> she gives people hope. she changes people's lives, really stepping back and learning from other families and people's experiences. >> we're from where oprah is from. >> reporter: the hughes are quick to claim oprah, who's originally from there. >> we've grown up with everybody talking about oprah. we all love her to death. >> reporter: but tell that to victoria king who said she gave oprah the only thing she could, her head. >> we know she's from here so we're not really losing her because this is always going to be home. >> reporter: in all there are some 13,000 fans who packed into the united center for the three-hour long oprah show taping which will actually be split and air in two episodes. among those on stage, beyonce, patti labelle, josh groebin and madonna. also a walk down memory lane with tom cruise. >> i knew coming to chicago that i was going to see a loving friend. >> all right.
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well, that was reporter alex perez with our nbc station in chicago. oprah's very last show, which is set to be taped next week, will air may 25th. coming up, the benefits of coffee. another reason you may not want to hold back on that second, third, even sixth cup of the day. >> oh, thank goodness! and we're looking over here, highway 24 off of the walnut creek interchange. i do have one incident to tell c yoouabouuactplay e couple for the area, so come back for this rainy, wet, windy commute. fo
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it's 4:54. a little shake on the san mateo bridge on our cameras there. we're going to check in with mike but obviously wind and rain is a factor. folks in concord could their very own downtown ice rink for the holidays. the city council is looking at a proposal to build a synthetic ice surface. a group sponsoring the measure say it's cheaper than the real stuff. it has a slick but room temperature material which has a little more resistance than ice. it costs $45,000 to build the structure, most of it coming from a local business group. well, there's a lot going on in livermore this morning. marla is in the newsroom with a look ahead at "today in the bay." >> reporter: how did you know, scott? >> you know what, i remember yesterday bob randomly choosing livermore. >> reporter: thank you. good morning. we are live in livermore this morning as the city hosts the next leg of the amgen tour california bike race. and besides the bike race in livermore this morning, we'll
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look at the city's historic downtown, it's legendary wineries, because it is wine country there, and the ground-breaking research coming out of the two of the most storied labs in the country. that's all ahead. >> there are two, very good. let's check in with mike. we've got the amgen tour coming through town. >> it's coming out of downtown and heading into san jose, mt. hamilton road the most heavily used in that area. bean while the benicia bridge, one issue for you will be the wind advisory extended from yesterday of the entire commute yesterday morning and evening and into today. 680 will get gusts of winds along the walnut creek interchange. debris reported on 24 at oak hill, but it's over in the eastbound direction so it shouldn't be a major problem. both directions very light right now. the indication at the bay bridge, i'll tell you about that in a second but the oakland coliseum, we have the a's playing and ramstein will be doing a concert there as well. and then we end with a live look at the toll plaza.
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the wind advisory extended for the bay bridge and you see some puddles, so a wet and windy commute this morning. be careful. >> what cup of coffee number are you on today, i'm on three? >> i'm only on my first. >> oh, amateur! here's another reason to brew your morning cup of joe. men who drink coffee may reduce their risk of developing the most serious form of prostate cancer. a new harvard study found that men who drink at least six cups a day were 60% less likely to develop lethal prostate cancer, 20% less likely to develop any kind of prostate cancer, doesn't matter if it's regular or decaf. one to three cups will reduce cancer risks by a third. we will be back after this break.
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20 cities in 20 days. we're taking you across the bay area. this morning we are waking up


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